Friday, November 08, 2013

Death and raw fish!

On Tuesday evening I dragged my poor husband along to a death cafe - I can hear your reaction from here.  Death cafes are part of a world wide movement to try and get people to be more comfortable talking about this taboo topic - that said the majority of the people there were pro euthanasia and wanted to debate that.  Can I just clarify that I'm not pro, and felt a little bit ganged up on. Poor Ken, the things I get him into.

Afterwards we found a lovely little fish restaurant just off Portabello Road and had a fabulous meal with our own more philosophical discussion about the future.

For our starter we shared a plate of raw fish including swordfish and tuna - see picture below. It was surprisingly lovely. For mains Ken had salmon and I had octopus tagliatelli (not sure if I spelt that correctly).

The restaurant was quite funky with retro furniture - they even had an old record player that was in use.

The picture below was taken in the bathroom - Ken's idea! So nice to have a bathroom with a bit of character. I always tease my beloved that he should write a tourist guide to the best bathrooms as he's a bit of a fusspot.

When we got back to Ladbroke Grove station I took this picture of the wall under the railway bridge - beautiful ceramics.

So that was our unique night out - you never know what we're going to get up to next.

That's it for now - be good, enjoy life, and look after each other.

Pamela and Ken

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