Monday, January 13, 2014

Birthday trip to London

Last week I had a birthday so on Saturday my beloved took me into London for a lovely meal at Las Iguanas which is a Latin American restaurant on the South Bank. The food is amazing - Ken had a chicken dish and I had lamb. I also had 1 or 3 Pina Coladas - well it was for my birthday.


After eating we went for a bit of a wander - not up to our normal distance as we were so full. Around the South Bank there are always interesting things to see, and as usual we came across things that I don't know how we haven't spotted them before.

The first is this great kiddies play area which is on one of the upper levels - you can guess why I love it, it's perfect pink. I had to restrain myself from climbing on it as I thought the parents might think I was a little strange (no comments please).

The pictures below are of a wall mural that we only discovered because we had gone up the stairs to look at the play area - I'm not sure what it's meant to be about.

We headed down to Lambeth Palace which is the official residence of the Archbishop of Canterbury in London - it has been the residence for nearly 800 years. It's a beautiful building and one day we're going to book to go on a tour of it. I don't know about you but whenever I visit places with such a long history I like to touch the walls and take a moment to think about the people who have been there before - it kind of puts life into a bit of perspective.

We thought these doors were great - the little one on the right is very sweet - I've posed in front of it to show you.

Next door to the palace is a church, and oh happy day there was a graveyard!! Just a small one so only one picture of it - you know you would think something was wrong with me if there wasn't a cemetery every now and then.

We then meandered our way back towards Waterloo station via a few back streets - selection of interesting things (in my opinion) that we spotted.

Interesting doorway
Funky building
Light feature outside a hotel
The general lying in hospital was a maternity hospital that opened in the 1700's and closed in the 1970's.
Cuban restaurant that I took Ken to for his birthday many years ago
The Old Vic theatre - opened in 1818
Citroen SM - apparently it's a classic (Ken made me take the photo)
Arty shot - terraced houses, lamppost, & moon

Again, not wanting to disappoint, we stopped at the above lovely looking cake shop for a sweet treat to take home - or as we like to call it, cake away.

Last two images are the iconic ones that everyone takes, but slightly different angle to what I've done before.

It was a really nice way to celebrate being another year older - wandering the streets of London with my beloved, who was wearing very trendy socks in my favourite colour - I've bought him lots of funky ones, nice and bright.

That's it for now - until next time be good, stay safe, and take care of each other.

Pamela and Ken

P.S: Final two pics, a groovy bathroom from the restaurant and Bertie Boo in his lovely New waterproof coat - he's such a handsome boy.

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