Sunday, July 06, 2014

Flowers, headstones, and a spot of knitting

Last Sunday we discovered there was a flower festival in the 12th century church in Sarratt so headed off for a look. We thought it would just be a few flower arrangements in the church but when we arrived we discovered there was stalls and a barbecue set up in the graveyard - as Ken said, I was in my element.

The picture above shows the view from where we sat to eat our scrummy homemade cake - as you can see there are lots of oldy worldy buildings. The church is lovely and the current building was built in 1190 - that's a very, very, very long time ago!

The theme of the flower festival was it's a wonderful world - here's piccies of some of the displays.

Flowers in lots of different shoes
The front porch of the church decorated beautifully
These flowers represented the Araura Borealis

I loved the above display themed around books and reading - they even included a kindle. My favourite quote in the display was the one below - oh so true.

Flower puppy dog - slightly dodgy looking teeth
Beautiful display incorporating the pulpit

A trumpet made out of flowers completes the wonderful world theme
Flowers in the font
Recreation in flowers of the famous wartime kissing picture
I really liked this display using breakfast crockery and an eggshell - so pretty

Now I couldn't do this post without a few shots of the lovely old headstones - it's very much a graveyard that is still in use interspersed with the old.

Sarratt is a lovely little village with lots of pretty houses - the one below had a cute little Dragon on the end of the roof and the next two are a bit like a tub of Neapolitan ice cream.

On our way home we called into Rickmansworth Aquadrome for lunch at the Cafe in the Park - it was packed with families but as usual the quiet room had lots of space. In the quiet room there was a box of knitted squares and others in progress with a note asking if patrons would help by doing a few rows - the squares are going to be put together into a rug and then raffled to raise funds for Mencap. I was very pleased to see a purple square needing rows so happily added a few - it seemed quite fitting as just that morning I had been talking to my gorgeous niece Emily about knitting.

This is the 100th blog post I've written - how perfect that there were headstones in it and it featured a day out that didn't cost very much. Remember it's the little things that really count in life.

Until next time, stay safe, be good, and keep smiling.

Pamela and Ken


  1. lovely photos Pamela, enjoyed your post. Danika, Shaun and even Jonathan have all had a stab at knitting a scarf just recently. One night we were all sitting there after dinner knitting away :)

    1. Thanks Kathy, I'm very impressed that the boys were getting involved.x

  2. This is awesome post, lovely photos, i really enjoyed reading your post. Thanks for sharing!!

    1. Thanks Stephen,I'm glad you enjoyed it.