Monday, February 26, 2018


Sparks is hosted by Annie at McGuffy's Reader (visit to see everyone else's sparks) and her words are the best to use to explain:

"I believe we are meant to be lights in this world. If we allow our light to shine, we can see where we are going. It is then that we can begin to truly see each other clearly. Together, we can light up the entire world!"

The aim is to post a positive quote, thought, poem, or verse. Today we're remembering that it's important to live in the moment and not rush into the future.

Pamela & Ken


  1. Pamela,

    Yep, if we're blessed to see the new day then the future arrives each morning when we rise. Have a wonderful week, my friend!

  2. Great quote. I shared some silliness today, myself. ~grin~ Be well!

  3. I enjoy each and every day. It is one day at a time. I don't want to rush though life.

    Have a fabulous day. ♥

    1. Glad to hear as it's very important to take our time.
      Have a really lovely day.

  4. Sometimes it's hard to remember that! I have a tendency to look at a bunch of days at one time and become overwhelmed!

  5. That's especially good since it's the only way we can handle it!

  6. Oh, this is really profound. I love Mimi's comment, too! HUGS!
    ​S​parks-21 ​
    Annie at ~McGuffy's Reader~