Monday, April 16, 2018

N is for Nature

Welcome to the A to Z blogging challenge where for the month of April we post everyday except Sundays, corresponding to each letter of the alphabet. I've chosen to blog about keeping the romance alive in a relationship along with ideas for married couple dates. Each post will also have a romantic song for you to listen to whilst you read.

We're into the third week of the challenge and this is the letter that gave me the most trouble so far, including for a romantic song. Finally I have chosen a real blast from the past - I saw this band live in Tasmania many, many, many years ago.

Today's song is If I Could by 1927 - this song is from 1988.

By now you may have realised that my beloved has some very odd suggestions for our A to Z posts, and I think he's outdone himself today. His suggestions were; neverending, nuptials, nudity, and nipples!!! I don't think anything more is needed to be said about that except that he suggested naked in 2016 as well.

Today N is for nature. The joy of taking a walk together in nature is a really great thing, and there is nature everywhere, even in big cities. It's another of those occasions where you need to turn your phones to silence and cherish having moments of peace and tranquility.

You may want to take a picnic to the local park, or you may have a balcony or rooftop that you can sit on to take in nature's beauty, even if it's just watching a sunset together. Yesterday we went for a walk in a local forest and I read Scottish poetry to my beloved as we sat and relaxed - my version of the Scottish accent was dreadful but Ken seemed to enjoy it.

One great place to enjoy nature in big cities is in old graveyards (I knew I could get graveyards into a romantic post somehow). In London there are seven Victorian Era graveyards that are now seen as nature reserves and are really lovely to wander around - lots of wild flowers and if you're lucky, some local wildlife.

Why don't you do something this week to celebrate mother nature, and spending it with a special person would be even better.

Today's quote:

Pamela & Ken

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  1. Nice song, I had never heard it before.

  2. Well done Ken for spicing up life ... if the weather would improve and not rain, but at least it's not snowing, then I'd happily be out and about! I do see nature ... round and about the farm ... cheers Hilary

  3. I'm loving your loving posts during the A to Z Challenge. You two are so like hubby and I. So very much.

    Have a fabulous day. ♥

  4. a walk in a park or anywhere to love nature is great and with someone to share that love is even better.

    have a lovely day.

    my latest a-z is: onlooker

  5. Pamela,

    Your hubs is nutty fun and he reminds me so much of my DH. I think it's wonderful how y'all enjoy getting out to enjoy nature. We are the same, we love the great outdoors.

    Curious as a Cathy
    iPad Art Sketch 'N' is for Naptime for Baby