Tuesday, April 24, 2018

U is for Unconditional

Welcome to the A to Z blogging challenge where for the month of April we post everyday except Sundays, corresponding to each letter of the alphabet. I've chosen to blog about keeping the romance alive in a relationship along with ideas for married couple dates. Each post will also have a romantic song for you to listen to whilst you read.

Okay, I can't help myself but today's song is by another Australian, the wonderful Keith Urban with the beautiful Making Memories of Us.

Unconditional love is so important in a relationship. Love shouldn't be a barter system, it should just be given without thought or rationing.

A good example of this is the time I branded my beloved, and no it's not some weird fetish thing. Early in our marriage we were at a local Indian Restaurant when our food was brought out and sat on warmed up metal stands. I commented that I wondered how hot they really were whilst resting my knife on one, and then pressing the knife to Ken's forehead so that he could feel how warm they were. The look of pain gave me a little bit of an indication that they might be quite hot, and the blister that formed instantly when I removed the knife was the second hint. Thankfully we were able to laugh about it as my lovely husband is so forgiving, and now it's one of our favourite memories.

The romance of unconditional love often comes to light if one of us are unwell (usually me). Over the 18 years of our marriage I have had several falls which have incapacitated me for various lengths of time. My beloved has shaved my legs, painted my toenails, done up bras, and when I had to sleep in an armchair because my back was so painful, he slept in a chair beside me rather than being in the more comfortable bed. I really am the luckiest girl in the world to have this kind of love in my life.

Today's quote:

Pamela & Ken

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  1. No, I'm the luckiest girl in the world. Just saying. Okay, we're both lucky girls. It's most wonderful isn't it. There are so many things we don't have, but we have unconditional love.

    Have a fabulous day you two lovebirds. ♥

  2. Pamela,

    Ahhh, how sweet! Unconditional love is with you in the good and sees you through the bad times. Your darling husband sounds like the love of my life who has taken care of me on numerous occasions. Keith Urban is a purrfect tie with this post. Thanks for visiting, dear friend!

    ~Curious as a Cathy
    iPad Art Sketch 'U' is for Umbrella

  3. You are very lucky indeed.

  4. Oh my goodness, Ken is a saint!!!
    That's all.
    Oh not, wait. Your branding him with a knife made me laugh out loudly!